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What is Digital Identity? Decode it with Innovid’s New Cheat Sheet

What marketers need to know about digital identity, why it matters, and what to expect in a world focused on consumer privacy.

Decoding Digital Identity

Learn the crucial details of identity, why identity matters, and how to look ahead and plan accordingly.

What CTV Advertisers Should Learn From The Past

Media consumption has evolved more in the past 5 years than in the 50 that preceded it. The hyper-growth of CTV shows no signs of slowing down.

Innovid Announces Open API to Streamline Creative Asset Management

Innovid teams up with Adstream to streamline campaign management for global brands, saving them both time and money.

Innovid MRC Accreditation Covers Widest Breadth of Channels -- OTT, Video and Now Display

Innovid now offers the most robust accreditation coverage. Gain an independent, single source of truth through our omni-channel ad serving platform.

Predictions 2021: Scale, Data, and Identity Will Drive Rebound Success and Advertising Growth

After a year of disruption and what felt like constant change, new principles, best practices, and realities have emerged as we welcome 2021.

NBCU And Innovid Collaborate On Ad Quality Controls For Peacock

The partnership between NBCU and Innovid underscores how incremental progress in OTT advertising truly is. NBCU has worked to solve one challenge in the OTT supply chain, and there are many to go

Consumers Reveal Their Perspective on Sharing Data

Consumers revealed how they feel about sharing their data with brands, but how much are people willing to trade for more relevant ads? Click to find out.

[Interactive] 12 Questions to Answer Before You Execute An Omni-Channel Personalization Campaign

Before you launch a personalized or dynamic creative ad campaign, answer these 12 essential questions.

STUDY: Nearly One-Quarter of Consumers are More Willing to Share Personal Data with Brands

Privacy is important, but marketers can nurture customer trust through utility and transparency

The Brand Marketer Starter Kit: Omni-Channel Personalization Edition

Learn the basics of personalization, trends & predictions, and best practices needed to launch successful omni-channel campaigns.

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