Unify Converged TV Series 2023: Media Measurement Needs to Diversify Beyond Ad Currencies: Innovid’s Jessica Hogue

February 2, 2023

LAS VEGAS – Setting the value of advertising transactions in what’s mostly known as a currency has been a key topic as marketers aim to compare different media outlets such as traditional linear television with on-demand video streams. But measurement has many other roles in helping media buyers and sellers to understand the marketplace.

“There’s a lot of connective tissue between counting and measurement and audiences for the purposes of media planning, reach and frequency, but also getting towards outcomes,” Jessica Hogue, general manager of measurement and industries at ad-tech firm Innovid, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Jon Watts at CES 2023. “In 2023, there’s going to be a lot more focus on both experiments learning, but continuing to sort of connect measurement with outcomes.”

Combining Big Data with Viewer Panels

Streaming video gives marketers a way to know that an impression was delivered to a connected device, a process that can be scaled upward to include vast numbers of ads every day. This comprehensive data – known as deterministic – are useful, but don’t necessarily tell a marketer which person in a household saw the ad and how it may changed their behavior. A consumer panel can help to provide those insights.

“There’s still very much a role to play for getting the counting but I think panels can be bifurcated,” Hogue said. “And what we’re seeing now is the new panels emerging for very specific use cases.”

Panels can be designed to measure co-viewing or to better understand the demographic characteristics of people in a household.

“We need to sort of liberate panels from trying to be a master of too many things and use them somewhat surgically for specific use cases, and that allows us to get back to counting and using new technology for counting,” Hogue said.

“It’s going to do a much better job at getting the granularity that we need.”

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