Canvas Worldwide Saves Time With Innovid’s Google Campaign Manager Integration

February 21, 2023

Canvas Worldwide


For one of the fastest growing media agencies, Canvas Worldwide, creative solutions and accountability to brand business success is everything. So, when it came to supporting some of their highest-touch clients data needs, manual solutions weren’t cutting it. Specifically, the flow of information between Innovid and Google Campaign Manager was proving to be an operational headache, requiring hours of manual work.


Aligned with Canvas’ mission of creative solutions and accountability, Innovid proposed the activation of our automated integration with Google Campaign Manager. The API-based solution eliminates the manual effort of generating hundreds of GCM tracking pixels, and instead, automatically applies them within Innovid’s ad management platform to their subsequent ad tags. Upon activation, both platforms speak to one another, saving all parties time and avoiding the potential for human error.


60 Average Minutes Saved Per Campaign

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