Forrester Now Tech: Creative Advertising Technologies

October 8, 2020

Innovid is proud to be included by independent research firm Forrester in their Now Tech: Creative Advertising Technologies, Q2 2020¹ report. Marketers should employ this report to understand the value of services attributed by different creative ad tech providers to assist in vendor selection. Creative lives at the heart of a marketer’s strategy and Innovid is committed to providing top-tier creative solutions to aid in our advertising partner’s content agility and performance. 

As we enter a new era of personalization in which approximately half of advertisers (49%) use some form of advanced creative globally², understanding the capabilities of each collaborative player is essential in executing the age-old right person, right place, right time strategy. With robust integrations connecting walled gardens to the rest of the omni-channel landscape, Innovid is a prime player in executing personalization everywhere your audience is. This report helps B2C marketers visualize the differences between providers based on market presence and functionality.

“Innovid is fully invested in creating a better advertising experience for audiences, from the smallest screen in the house to the largest,” says CEO, Zvika Netter. “This report offers a good foundation for the value of a personalized approach.” 

If you subscribe to Forrester, follow the link here to download the report.

¹Now Tech: Creative Advertising Technologies, Q2 202, Forrester Research, Inc., May 15, 2020

²Innovid Global Video Benchmarks Report 2020