Innovid Launches Cookieless Cross-Device Solution to Increase Accuracy of Conversion Rates

July 26, 2023

Innovid’s identity framework, Innovid Key, enables advertisers to track conversions on second screens from CTV campaigns without violating consumer privacy

New York, July 26, 2023 – Innovid (NYSE: CTV), an independent advertising platform for the delivery, personalization, and measurement of converged TV across linear, CTV, and digital, today announced the launch of a cookieless cross-device solution that effectively matches multiple devices to user interactions with the goal of increasing conversion rate accuracy. 

Powered by Innovid’s identity framework, Innovid Key, the technology enables marketers to maintain a transparent and cohesive understanding of the actions their current or potential customers are taking across all devices.   

Innovid Key was built on the principle of interoperability across signals rather than exclusivity. This allows Innovid to connect across privacy-compliant partners and sources to accurately map consumer behavior, without resorting to unethical methods like browser fingerprinting. 

“Traditional methods of tracking audience behavior leave actions isolated to the devices they originated in, providing an incomplete picture of the customer journey and the risk of losing valuable conversion traffic with only a partial view of campaign effectiveness,” said Dale Older, Chief Product Officer at Innovid. “This is especially prevalent with CTV, where most viewers are directed to second-screen experiences to convert. With Innovid’s cross-device conversion reporting, advertisers can accurately gauge the impact and effectiveness of their CTV campaigns, attributing views directly to site activity and justifying the growing investment of ad dollars. Now, marketers can match events that a household did across different devices in a cookieless, privacy-compliant manner, resulting in a more accurate conversion rate.” 

Despite pending cookie deprecation, Innovid’s cross-device conversion reporting equips advertisers with the tools necessary to make informed decisions based on which campaigns, channels, and creatives drive success. Armed with these insights, advertisers can optimize marketing efforts, strategically allocate resources, and ultimately achieve better business outcomes.

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