Innovid Measures 80% Unique Reach Percentage for General Motors

August 31, 2021

There is still a misconception in the advertising industry that CTV has a frequency problem. As part of a recent study on CTV measurement, we monitored frequency across 36 campaigns and found that the average frequency was only 4.6. In addition, we found that 85% of households were exposed to an ad just one or two times during a campaign. While high levels of frequency can exist in pockets, our study found that frequency is not universally high in CTV advertising.

As brands increase their investment in brand awareness CTV campaigns, the ability to measure unique reach as well as monitor frequency across a plethora of publishers is imperative to evaluate performance. This was the case for General Motors, a leading multinational vehicle manufacturing corporation. General Motors needed a measurement solution that provided granular reach and frequency analysis to understand CTV’s impact on their brand awareness KPIs.

When discussing their frequency goals and why they partnered with Innovid, David Spencer, Manager of Emerging Media and Partnerships at General Motors, stated, “We have to know where that excessive frequency is happening and we have to track it properly before we can put something in place to prevent it. There are a number of things that can be done to work with your partners to manage frequency in the CTV space. Innovid is one of the partners that has the technology that allows you to put certain mechanisms in place to protect you from serving a single ad to one household 10 times in the same viewing session.”

With frequency top of mind, General Motors needed a solution that:

  • Measured total and unique reach across CTV publishers to ensure Chevrolet brand’s creative messaging was reaching prospective households.
  • Monitored frequency across publishers to understand optimal frequency for Chevrolet brand’s awareness messaging.
  • Minimized household overlap across publishers to inform future inventory selection strategies optimized towards maximizing reach.

General Motors launched three brand awareness campaigns for their Chevrolet brand across 23 disparate CTV publishers, utilizing Innovid as their video ad server and measurement provider.

Innovid’s analysis revealed high impression volumes (76 million) combined with diversified publishers (23) enabled General Motors to maximize unique reach percentage (80%) and unique reach efficiency (approximately 22%). In addition, leveraging a diverse set of publishers minimized overall campaign frequency, allowing General Motors to achieve an overall campaign frequency of 3 (.09 below the benchmark rate).


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