Innovid Measures 87% Unique Reach Percentage for Whirlpool

August 9, 2021

The media ecosystem is evolving, perhaps nowhere more rapidly than in TV, and marketers are developing new perspectives and strategies to respond effectively. A critical component of this response is having a new set of cross-media measurement solutions that will enable them to capture a holistic view of their marketing efforts to successfully measure ROI. We recently highlighted what brands and agencies should look for in a 2021 measurement provider: a strong CTV first methodology, media independence, and census level scale so they can be relied upon as the single source of truth for planning and optimizing their campaigns. Whirlpool, a leading home appliances manufacturer, was looking for just that for their programmatic CTV brand awareness campaign.

Whirlpool needed a measurement solution that provided granular reach, frequency, and cost-efficiency analysis to power data-backed programmatic campaign optimizations. Specifically, they needed a solution that:

  • REACH: Measured unique reach across CTV publishers to maximize distinct household exposure.
  • FREQUENCY: Monitored frequency across publishers, reconciled at the household level, to create benchmark frequency targets.
  • EFFICIENCY:  Maximized ROI and efficiency across programmatic buys by analyzing publishers providing low cost per unique reach.

As part of the Decoding CTV Measurement: An In-Depth Look at Reach, Frequency, and ROI research study, Whirlpool launched an awareness campaign targeting third-party homeowner audience segments across over fifty curated CTV publishers via custom private marketplaces (PMPs), utilizing Innovid as their video ad server and measurement provider.

Innovid’s analysis enabled Whirlpool to understand which programmatic publishers provided the most effective unique reach and cost per unique reach, allowing them to optimize their media plan. Innovid’s analysis showed that programmatic buys across multiple publishers (+50) can drive great unique reach (87%) while maintaining a low target average frequency (3.3X). The analysis also showed that programmatic CTV could drive cost savings while improving ROI; Whirlpool’s campaign had a lower overall cost per unique reach, outperforming the study benchmark by 10%.


“Innovid Insights’ intuitive dashboard enabled our team to identify cost efficiencies, allowing us to implement future campaign planning optimizations.” – Kakone Phommachack, Manager, Media Center of Excellence, Whirlpool 

Learn more about the benefits of Innovid Insights and check out our latest research study, Decoding CTV Measurement: An In-Depth Look at Reach, Frequency, and ROI