Innovid MRC Accreditation Covers Widest Breadth of Channels -- OTT, Video and Now Display

January 14, 2021

Today, we’re excited to announce that the Media Rating Council (MRC) has granted Innovid accreditation for the measurement of rendered display ad impressions. This achievement makes us the first to feature MRC accreditations spanning OTT, video, and display environments, a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing an independent single source of truth for global marketers. 

As the industry has seen viewership shift from linear to connected TV, our global brand partners have chosen to consolidate their omni-channel ad serving, personalization, and analytics needs with Innovid. We’re proud to share our platform now seamlessly integrates delivery and measurement with MRC accredited metrics that cover the widest breadth of channels available through any buy-side ad server.

Trust is a critical component of any relationship, especially ones based in business. After all, without transparent and trustworthy measurement, advertisers are essentially left trying to navigate without a map. Having confidence in the metrics and methodologies your brand uses to define success is a fundamental component of any marketing strategy. Innovid is dedicated to growing and maintaining brand trust in our analytics by participating in extensive third-party audits by the MRC.

In 2018, the MRC granted Innovid the first-ever MRC accreditation for OTT video ad impression measurement, cementing an important milestone in the industry’s ongoing evolution in this space. Now, with the addition of MRC accreditation for the measurement of rendered display ad impressions, Innovid’s accreditations now span the widest breadth of channels offered by a buy-side ad server. Innovid also received confirmation of our continuing accreditations for rendered video ad impressions across desktop, mobile, and OTT as well as viewable video ad impressions across desktop and mobile. 

This achievement denotes Innovid’s accredited metrics and methodologies have been independently vetted by the MRC to confirm they are valid, reliable, and effective — affirming our strategic investments across OTT, video, and display environments. This follows the trend of enhancing our platform’s omni-channel capabilities to provide a single, unified view for our growing global client base with independent, MRC accredited measurement free of media buying conflicts.  

Innovid’s MRC accredited solutions for display, video, and OTT impression measurement are available now. For more information, please visit or contact us to see how our solutions can help your business.