Mondelez Delivers Emotionally Resonant Experiences for a 29% Lift in Ad Recall

August 19, 2021

Media consumption has evolved more in the past five years than in the fifty that preceded it. Not only are people moving from linear to connected TV in droves, but they’re also watching TV with a smartphone in hand and a laptop perched on the couch cushion. Even if the perfect, most relevant message is being delivered on that TV, it won’t resonate if no one is paying attention. For brands, omni-channel advertising capabilities are now table stakes. Marketers have to be able to engage and connect with audiences across all meaningful touch points — and they have to do so in a thoughtful, personalized way.

Understanding that personalization drives deeper emotional connections and greater results is one thing, but actually executing is another. In the words of Mondelēz International’s Global Vice President of Consumer Experience, “When tackling the production challenges that come with a personalized approach, scaling assets and communication can make or break a campaign.” Luckily, with the right dynamic creative optimization (DCO) partner, it’s no longer that daunting to deploy personalized messaging at scale.

Recently, Mondelēz International partnered with Innovid to help one of their premiere brands, Philadelphia, elevate its approach to personalization and engage consumers based on their beliefs and behaviors. They had previously identified lunchtime as a key moment to target and wanted to surround behaviors like breaking boring lunch routines and sharing pictures on social media with empathetic messaging.

To tackle this challenge, Mondelēz’s agency for Philadelphia, Carat, employed Innovid’s DCO technology and social integrations to build, upload, and optimize the campaign. Having a centralized feed allowed them to showcase unique messages for audiences across all touchpoints, including walled gardens like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For versioning, demographic and date/time were leveraged to change the video and copy shown, with Innovid’s rendering engine providing the optimal specs for each platform.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Dynamic Creative Optimization

In total, Mondelēz created 37 experiences across 5 platforms. Campaign results proved that personalization across channels creates greater resonance with audiences:


“Innovid as a DCO partner was a true collaborator to both our team and Carat, giving us the support, structure, and technology to distribute ads everywhere. We’re looking to involve Innovid at earlier stages to make sure our strategy has the flexibility needed to capitalize on learnings when they arise.” – Johnathan Halvorson, Global Vice President of Consumer Experience at Mondelēz International

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