[Video] Without Agility, Personalized Messaging Can't Keep Up with Consumers

September 24, 2020

The Now Consumer, who largely emerged this year, is entirely different from traditional audiences. They’re not only informed and savvy, but more importantly, they’re continuously developing new interests and habits. Though marketers understand that adapting to new trends and behavioral patterns is essential to staying relevant, they are being asked to do so with fewer resources than normal. However, this is entirely possible with the right approach. 

To manage a digital marketing strategy that constantly evolves, brands need to embrace creative agility by implementing powerful tools and workflows. When done well, advertisers can easily navigate quick turnarounds, and visualize how creative is affected by environmental triggers. Watch our video below to learn how data, decision trees, detailed previews, and more can help achieve personalization at scale in the most efficient and effective way possible.



Click here to watch our video on creating an integrated approach to omni-channel personalization, or contact us for more information about Innovid’s dynamic creative personalization capabilities.