Analytics Solutions

Holistic & transparent video measurement

Developed specifically for video, Innovid’s analytics suite gives marketers an unbiased, holistic view of video ad spend through unified reporting across publishers, partners, channels, and devices.Our MRC accredited technology consolidates reporting in a single-view dashboard. Providing a broad range of metrics covering delivery, performance and engagement.


Innovid - Analytics

A full view of campaign performance

Discover what drives success in your video campaigns in order to maximize optimizations with:

  • Comprehensive media metrics
  • Impression delivery trends by day, week, and month
  • Delivery and performance by device, publisher, and video
  • MRC-Accredited Metrics: Desktop and mobile web digital video impressions, desktop viewable video ad impressions and related viewability metrics.


A platform for all of your dataInnovid-Google Measurement Partner

As an open platform, Innovid has integrated with best-in-breed providers who help you effectively enable and extend campaign analysis across critical metrics. Through integrations with these partners, our analytics dashboard incorporates select data including viewability, brand safety, real-time ad blocking, and audience measurement to provide the most comprehensive view of each campaign. In July of 2018, we were chosen by Google as a trusted Measurement Partner, providing viewability metrics reporting for YouTube and Google Video Partners (GVP).

A granular look at interaction

Interactive video allows you to leverage your existing content such as product images, additional videos, social campaigns and more, to create multi-faceted experiences within your video ad—where audiences can explore more information about your brand without clicking out of your ad. Interaction data in the analytics dashboard provides insight into where audiences engage inside the video, so you can give them more of what they want.

Get campaign data any way you want it

  • 24/7 Dashboard
  • Customizable Report Builder
  • Reporting APIs
  • Data Feeds


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