Bringing Real-Time Sports Data to Advertising

June 8, 2021

It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since Oreo won the real-time marketing game with their ‘dunk in the dark’ tweet. Not only did that stroke of brilliance go viral, but it also showed what was possible when marketers were hyper-focused on relevance. Today, with content consumption habits rapidly shifting to connected TV (CTV) and other digital channels, brands have even more opportunities to create relevant, memorable work.

As demonstrated by Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet, there is perhaps no better environment for real-time marketing than a live sports environment where fans are deeply engaged with both the games and their screens. To help brands better connect with these fans, Innovid has recently partnered with sports technology company Stats Perform to bring real-time sports data to advertising. Now, brands will be able to use Stats Perform’s proprietary data feeds for both content creation and decisioning. With the excitement of the NBA playoffs underway and live sports coming out of their bubbles, here are just a few ways advertisers can immediately benefit from our unique partnership:

Be Prepared for Any Outcome
Things change quickly in sports, but content can be generated based on several moments we know will happen. We know a team will win, we know there will be changing scores, we know players will commit fouls. Innovid enables advertisers to generate multiple versions of creative assets at scale, then use data to decide which ads to serve based on any given outcome. For instance, if the Nets beat the Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, brands can immediately run ads congratulating the team or wishing them better luck next time.

Wow Fans with Real-Time Updates
Live sports is all about excitement. From game-winning buzzer-beaters to unexpected injuries, there’s never a shortage of nail-biting moments — moments that can be used in ads to not only add relevance but also to give brands a leg up on their competition. Advertisers now have access to the delivery speed and detail needed to generate truly unique creatives across display, video, and CTV based on what’s happening in the games their audiences care about the most.

Boost Playoff Production Efficiency
Trying to create ads for every outcome during the NBA Playoffs is difficult in the best of times, but when you add in a play-in tournament, the creative versioning process becomes all the more overwhelming. Our dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology combined with real-time sports data, however, significantly simplifies the process. Brands can now quickly render all ads in advance using dynamic technology, then use data signals such as location, time of day, and live scores to determine the right version to show.

As live sports continues to make its return and the world looks towards the Tokyo Olympics, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open — and NFL, NCAA Football, NHL, and NBA games returning in the fall! — fans are more excited than ever, and brands cannot miss this opportunity to engage. Contact our team to learn more about how you can best leverage Stats Perform’s live sports data to wow your audience.