Innovid Introduces Dynamic Plug & Play Strategies to Simplify Personalization

October 6, 2020

As soon as the idea of one-to-one personalization entered the advertising industry, it set off a chain reaction of overly complicated strategies and even loftier goals. Making marketers scramble to map out the perfect combination of messaging, data, and strategy to create uniquely relevant brand experiences at the individual level. It’s easy to fall down an advertising rabbit hole of dreaming up niche scenarios, but you can quickly lose sight of why you started in the first place. Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology allows for personalization, yes, but also provides creative efficiency and the ability to optimize a message to what performs best. 

It isn’t a negative to start small and build slowly, making the overall strategy more purposeful as you go. Agile product management revolutionized the way we approach product research and development, and employing DCO in a learn and adjust approach is very similar. Start with a proof of concept or minimum viable product and keep your resources flexible enough to ensure that when new trends emerge (and it seems they are each day in 2020) it’s easy to pivot. 

Innovid’s DCO Plug & Play strategies capitalize on these principles. Get into the market fast, receive consumer feedback in real-time, and grow from there. To align with unique brand challenges, Innovid has built both display and video templates for the most common business objectives like awareness, consideration, online conversions, and offline sales. These strategies employ data that is easily accessible and significantly shortens the time needed to launch from months to weeks by streamlining the creative design and build processes. 

Innovid DCO Plug & Play complements a suite of solutions that allow you to connect all channels, and deliver personalized experiences everywhere. It’s a starting point that is easy to build on and provides valuable insight into what’s resonating with your audience in real-time. And when you’re ready to take the next step, Innovid works collaboratively with your team to plot out additional layers of relevance. While the promise of one-to-one personalization has historically been a lofty, long journey, we’re dedicated to creating the shortcuts, technology, and tools that are necessary to deliver relevant, efficient, and optimized brand experiences.

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