Innovid Partners With Pixability to Advance Personalization Optimization on YouTube

October 1, 2020

The “Now Consumer” is unlike anything the modern marketer has ever seen before. They’re unique in that each and every day they’re building new habits in how they socialize, shop, consume content, and more to the point, respond to advertising. More than ever, advertisers need to connect with their audiences where they’re engaging — on social media and connected TV. But what once seemed simple in theory, has been made messier in 2020. A rapidly changing world means not only a rapidly changing consumer but also an evolving advertising approach that has to be done amidst heavy budget cuts. Agility and efficiency have become the north stars for brands looking to optimize media and messaging. 

Personalization is the best response to actively engaging the “Now Consumer.” Through the use of dynamic creative technology, brands get the best of both worlds — the efficiency they need to streamline their workflows, and the breadth of multiple messages to ensure the connection they make with their customer is as relevant as possible. 

Innovid is dedicated to helping advertisers realize the full potential of personalization, and is focused on making it simple for brands to activate in channels where consumers engage most. Today, we’re announcing enhancements to our creative personalization offering, upgrading our server-to-server connection with YouTube for seamless creative version uploading, and enabling personalization at scale. Additionally we’ve partnered with the industry-leading YouTube buying and optimization platform, Pixability, to allow for real-time audience and creative optimization.

“We’re focused on helping our clients capitalize on the opportunity of social media: allowing them to make meaningful connections with their consumers through relevant social messaging. The opportunity has always been clear, but the execution, painful,” said Stephanie Geno, SVP of Marketing at Innovid. “By streamlining personalization efforts, cutting down on manual work, and reducing optimization complexity, marketers can instead focus on their big picture strategy.”

Historically, the optimization focus has been on media. Marketers are comfortable getting granular with their audience targeting, but have lagged behind when it comes to creating audience-specific messaging. These enhancements eliminate hours of manual work generating, uploading, and honing creative versions on YouTube to allow for real-time optimization of both audience and messaging to a variety of business objectives. 

Innovid adds these updates to our already robust social personalization capabilities: publishing dynamic content through integrations into social channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and connecting them to larger omni-channel marketing strategies across CTV, mobile, and display. As the “Now Consumer” continues to evolve, Innovid is dedicated to providing advertisers with the tools necessary to connect on a personal level, no matter the platform.

For more information about Innovid’s partnership with Pixability and creative personalization capabilities, contact us