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CTV Takes Center Stage | Global CTV and Video Benchmarks Report

Learn what Innovid data uncovered about the state of CTV and video advertising from 286+ billion video impressions.

Data Innovation: How Big Global Brands are Building the Future of Convergent TV

Convergent TV enables marketers to more effectively reach their most relevant audiences, but CTV requires a new approach to media strategy.

Innovid Completes TVSquared Acquisition, Establishing Global Independent Measurement Platform for Linear, CTV & Digital

Innovid has completed its previously announced acquisition of TVSquared, an independent global measurement and attribution platform for converged TV.
Case Studies

Delivery Hero Optimizes TV-Driven Web & App Response in 40+ Countries With InnovidXP

InnovidXP provided same-day TV campaign performance analytics by country, day, daypart, network, program, genre, and creative reducing cost per acquisition by 41.9%

Independent Converged TV Measurement Is Here

Innovid acquires TVSquared powering independent measurement across TV, CTV & digital

Innovid Announces Acquisition of Converged TV Measurement Leader, TVSquared

With the industry calling for a more transparent and accountable TV ecosystem, the deal establishes a new currency-grade standard for cross-platform measurement.
Case Studies

Haix Optimizes TV Campaigns With InnovidXP To Increase eCommerce Visits

European retailer increased TV spot inventory by 78% year-over-year and improved their ROI by 55% through InnovidXP recommended campaign optimizations.

OpenAP Selects Innovid as their Digital Partner for XPm, TV’s Cross-Platform Measurement Framework

Innovid partners with OpenAP to unlock, deliver and measure unified audiences.
Case Studies

Ad Council Taps Interactive CTV to Drive Engagement With Lung Cancer Screening Awareness Campaign

Ad Council collaborates with Innovid and the American Lung Association to drive awareness of the importance of lung cancer screening.
Case Studies

Uncovering UNTUCKit’s Successful TV Strategy

InnovidXP’s campaign performance analytics across days, times, networks, programs, genres, creatives and audience segments cut UNTUCKit’s cost per response by 30%

Davis Elen Advertising Taps Into Innovid to Drive Unique Reach For Toyota and McDonald’s

How Innovid Insights helped Davis Elen Advertising drive unique reach on CTV for Toyota and McDonald’s.
Case Studies

Davis Elen Advertising Taps Innovid To Drive Unique Reach For Toyota

See how Innovid helped Davis Elen Advertising drive unique reach on CTV for Toyota and McDonald’s.

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