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Effectiveness has leveled up – this is why your media is working harder than ever

Effectiveness has turned a corner, and for some buyers, media is working harder than ever. So how can you take advantage and level up your effectiveness?

The Power of InnovidXP | A Look into Cross-Platform Measurement by Ad Category

Explore cross-platform TV measurement with InnovidXP. Download our lookbook for ad categories insights, including Auto, QSR, Finance, CPG, DTC, and more.

Adweek Convergent Summit West: Unified Measurement and the Metrics that Matter

Join Omnicom’s Kelly Metz and Innovid’s Jessica Hogue for an in-depth discussion on the importance of consistent, cross-platform analytics that surface the insights needed to make strategic decisions

Innovid and Fox Corporation Strike Multi-Year Partnership for Cross-Platform Measurement

Partnership to Cover the FOX Portfolio, Leveraging InnovidXP for Measurement of Linear & Streaming

AdTech on Deck: Currency vs. Measurement

TV currency isn’t what it used to be (and that’s a good thing). In this month's AdTech on Deck, we demystify the currency vs. measurement confusion, so you can get ahead of industry changes.

Achieve Harmony in Your CTV Reach and Frequency

Advertisers can't afford to slack on reach and frequency—especially on CTV. Left unchecked, these measures can quickly damage an ad campaign. Here's how to keep your numbers balanced and in line.

Protect Your CTV Ad Dollars: Innovid Automates CTV Measurement with Leading Verification Partner, Oracle Moat

Innovid and Oracle Moat's new advanced CTV measurement features actively detect ad fraud on CTV. Protect your media investments and learn more here!
Case Studies

InnovidXP Delivers Single Source Of Truth For Converged TV

Innovid powers in-flight converged TV optimizations for major fitness brand to drive online registrations.

Reimagine TV Advertising? We Did That—and There’s a Highlight Reel

Campaign partnered with Innovid to interview the industry's top advertising execs on all things CTV, measurement, and more. Tune in!

The Rise of Converged TV

How has the rise of converged TV transformed the ad world? Make sure your campaigns come out on top with these valuable insights from the execs at Comcast, Tubi, Carat, Media Monks, Yahoo! and more.

Innovation in Cross-Platform Measurement

Reach, frequency, accuracy—oh my. Tune in to our latest video to discover which converged TV metrics industry leaders say matter most.

Reimagine Cross-Platform TV Advertising with InnovidXP

InnovidXP delivers cross-platform TV measurement, consistently counting and attributing linear and CTV advertising across every platform, including walled gardens.

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