[Video] Marketers Need an Integrated Approach to Omni-Channel Personalization: Here's How

October 8, 2020

“Build once, deploy everywhere.” A phrase that has long been the goal of advertisers, implies building an ad once so it can be deployed across all channels in the marketing mix. It sounds promising in theory, but what does it actually look like in practice for brands looking to personalize messaging with dynamic creative optimization (DCO)? 

  • Get to Market Faster: DCO allows for the reduction of manual work, and makes getting your ad message in-market not only easier, but faster
  • Scale More Easily: Open integrations with 3rd party platforms allow marketers to scale across walled gardens and the open web.
  • Make Agility a Reality: DCO improves agility and efficiency so marketers have time to focus on big picture items like strategy and creative messaging.

While having a personalized message across all channels is not a pipe dream, it has become the standard for meeting your audiences where they engage. Watch our video below to learn how you can streamline and simplify your omni-channel strategy.

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