2016 is the year of video. According to eMarketer, 2016 will be the first time that more than half of the U.S. population will watch TV shows online at least once per month. Given this migration towards digital video, marketers will need to be very strategic in their approach, using data to drive engaging video campaigns that resonate with audiences across all screens. The latest global video benchmarks report from Innovid features advanced video metrics across connected TV, mobile, and desktop to serve as a baseline for advertisers to better evaluate video performance and optimize strategies on all screens.

Video by Device

When it comes to multi-device strategies, advertisers are still allocating the majority of their video impressions (67%) towards desktop while 28.4% of impressions are dedicated to mobile video.  Connected TV is still in more nascent stages of advertiser adoption, holding 4.7% of video impressions, but that number is expected to grow since 80% of ad buyers stated that they are willing to invest more in connected TV advertising this year*.  One reason for this investment may be that advanced video on connected TV yields the highest completion rate (94.5%) compared to desktop and mobile. Each screen lends itself to different behaviors from users clicking and swiping to sitting or running—so optimizing your strategy to reach the full potential of each device is an essential part of establishing a truly engaging, cross-device video strategy.

Target Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In terms of performance metrics, there’s no arguing that completion rate and viewability are valuable, but in terms of really knowing how audiences are responding to video content, advanced metrics such as engagement rate, activity rate and time earned can tell a deeper story about campaign performance. These metrics are available for advanced video campaigns that provide users with more content to explore within the video player, on top of the standard pre-roll. On average, interactive video generates a 591% lift in total user activity over pre-roll, as well as gains an additional 44 seconds of time that audiences spend interacting with your brand. For engagement, interactive videos on mobile devices generate the highest response compared to desktop and connected TV, which shows that small screens can deliver big results when it comes to holding audience’s attention.

Publisher Placement & Ad Length

The benchmarks report also shows that inventory and ad length play a major role in the outcome of a campaign. Typically, broadcast placements result in higher results for generating awareness, engagement, click-thru rates and more, which shows that higher quality inventory leads to better results for your target KPIs. These outcomes are also affected by the length of your ad—and longer isn’t always better.  While 15-second videos saw higher completion rates, viewers interacted with longer form content more, as 30-second ads yielded a 16% higher activity rate compared to 15-second videos.

The results are in and they’re pointing to a great year for advertisers to tell their amazing stories through sight, sound, motion and interaction on all screens. For more data on video performance by device, download our full 2016 Global Video Benchmarks report.

*Innovid State of Interactivity Report, Q3 2015