Dynamic Personalization Sparkles During Ramadan for TANG

October 14, 2021

TANG Case Study


Mondelez set out to drive awareness and sales for their brand, TANG, over Ramadan. Specifically, they set a goal of using dynamic creative to personalize based on audience interests, utilizing recipe-based creatives and a countdown to Iftar at sunset each day during Ramadan. The big challenge was how to best streamline the execution – the campaign had to launch in three countries, which involved different languages and time zones, all with a sunset time that moved a few minutes every day. This meant that the Innovid, Mondelez, Publicis Spark Foundry, and Ogilvy teams needed to closely collaborate to carefully plan the campaign’s dynamic approach.


Working together, the teams set out to execute an omni-channel dynamic messaging strategy that targeted five recipes to five different affinities: 30-minute chefs, pop culture obsessed, fashionistas, family-focused individuals, as well as a general message for those who fell outside of the core groups. The main challenge was creative. There were also several versions that required a special dynamic template, allowing for both left and center-aligned text elements, as well as special characters not included in the provided brand font. Because the personalized approach was so new to the Spark, Ogilvy, and Mondelez teams, Innovid set up weekly meetings and daily communication to facilitate cross-departmental communication and coordination to ensure campaigns successful launch during Ramadan.

DV360 Dynamic Display:


    • Goal 50%
    • Campaign Performance 72.1% 

                Media CPM:

    • Goal $5
    • Campaign Performance $2.24


    • Goal 0.2%
    • Campaign Performance 0.42%

YouTube Dynamic Video:


    • Goal: 20%
    • Campaign Performance 22%


    • Goal: $6
    • Campaign Performance $5

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