Innovid Announces Open API to Streamline Creative Asset Management

January 22, 2021

Let’s run through the process of digital asset delivery, or should I say the historically broken process. It starts with hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of creative assets. These assets are hosted and managed either locally or through a digital asset management (DAM) platform. When needed for a campaign activation, files are distributed through an archaic, highly manual, upload, and download process completely siloed from delivery to linear and offline media. And the worst part? Every single time a creative update is made, the process starts again. Sounds exhausting and all over the place? We agree. 

Innovid is dedicated to pinpointing and eliminating issues just like this one. We understand that operational headaches are not just a nuisance, but have real implications on timelines and budgets. With that sentiment in mind, we’re excited to announce Innovid Bridge: An open API for streamlined asset management.

Key benefits of Innovid Bridge include:

  • Fewer Headaches: Reduce creative back-and-forth by automatically pushing creative into Innovid for campaign activation as soon as they’re approved. 
  • Quality Control: Securely deliver creative assets from your DAM to Innovid in optimal quality.
  • Full Visibility: See exactly which video assets are served where – no matter the channel or device.

Our first partner leveraging this integration is none other than leading content management and cross-media delivery platform, Adstream. Through this integration, brands will be able to streamline the process of delivering their ads from Adstream’s cross-media delivery platform to their Innovid asset library, quickly, securely, and always in the right spec.

“Our research shows that creative and media teams spend up to 3 days chasing video creative and readying it for digital campaign activations. They can cut that time down to as little as a few hours by delivering via Adstream to partners across both linear and digitally-enabled channels,” says Geoff Hoffmann, CRO, Adstream. 

As the industry has seen viewership shift from linear to connected TV, global brand partners have chosen Innovid to consolidate their omni-channel ad serving, personalization, and analytics across every screen and device. This open API is focused on making that job easier – saving global brands time and money. 

“Innovid is always looking for ways to streamline our clients’ workflow, eliminating any and all unnecessary manual work,” says Tal Chalozin, CTO & Co-Founder, “No matter how it’s served, or where it ends up, an ad is an ad to your audience. We firmly believe technology should make life easier and we’re excited for our partnership with Adstream to make that mindset a reality.”

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