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The Year of Data

At Innovid, we’ve long believed in the power of data. 2017 is the year of data and due to technological advances, marketers can put that data to good use.

Why Independent Verification Can Put An End To Ad Fraud

Learn why Innovid partners with third parties on verification and measurement and why independent verification can put an end to ad fraud.

Innovid Women to Watch: Amanda Juip

Get to know Amanda Juip, an Innovid Sales Directors from Detroit. She is part of a small but mighty team of 6 and works on clients like Best Buy and Ford.

Why Brands <3 Video: A Valentine's Day Tribute

Allow Taco Bell, Tough Mudder, and other brands to explain why incorporating video into your marketing strategy is #goals.

Patriots vs. Falcons: How to Stream the Big Game

This year's Superbowl will be a showdown between the Patriots and the Falcons. Find out what streaming platforms to catch the big game on.

3 Ways to Connect Video Advertising to the Customer Journey

Connecting video advertising to a marketing stack ensures impactful advertising. Here are three ways to connect video ads to the customer journey.

A Note From Our CTO, Tal Chalozin

Innovid partners with Google as they focus on video viewership and building the dream of cross-device connectivity that doesn't violate privacy.

People-Based Measurement: Why Cookies Don’t Make the Cut

The rapid change in media consumption has highlighted the gaps in cookie-based measurement. Learn more about the shift to people-based measurement here.

Connected TV Marketing is Taking Over 2017

Due to viewership growth of connected TV and OTT content, ads delivered on our platform quadrupled in 2017. Learn 3 ways to drive CTV marketing success.

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