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Making TV Better, Together

CTV is at a critical inflection point. The Harmony initiative strives to maintain an open, balanced TV ecosystem – one that delivers efficiency, transparency, ROI and sustainability – for the benefit of all.

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An independent platform for the management and measurement of advertising

Innovid combines ad management and ad measurement in a single platform, combining ad delivery, dynamic creative personalization, measurement, and optimization for the TV and digital universe, all wrapped in an interoperable identity infrastructure. We help advertisers and publishers take action to improve efficiency, transparency, sustainability, and business outcomes — ultimately creating a better advertising ecosystem for all.

Transforming the advertising ecosystem with Innovid Harmony

Increase efficiency, improve ROI, and create a more sustainable path forward with Innovid Harmony, our first-to-market suite of solutions including:

  • Harmony Direct provides the most direct and efficient way to launch guaranteed, non-biddable media, benefiting both publishers and advertisers.
  • Harmony Instant Optimization champions top-converting ads in real-time without waiting for manual human intervention.
  • And more innovative solutions to come!

Customer Case Studies

CVS Automates Creative Development To Drive More Relevant and Effective Shoppable Experiences

Site Traffic Over 8 Month Campaign
Improvement in Campaign Effectiveness
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Carat Taps Into InnovidXP To Elevate United Airlines’ Conquesting Strategy

Innovid’s competitive intelligence solution gave us invaluable insights not only into where our competitors are running but what they are running. This allowed us to optimize our linear TV plans to ensure we’re conquesting in the right environments and own spaces that were untouched in our category.
Brook Bowhay
VP, Planning & Activation | Carat
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OMD and Canva enhance Video Optimization Toolkit by tapping Omni Video Content and InnovidXP

HH Overlap of OTT vs. Linear
Unique OTT Reach
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Paramount and THQ Nordic Deliver Unparalleled Engagement With Interactive CTV

Average Engagement Rate Across All Versions
Interactions Came From Survey Engagement
Higher Engagement Than Innovid Benchmarks
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GSK Consumer Healthcare Taps Into Personalisation to Improve ROI Nearly 20%

Increase in Media Efficiency
Vs. Previous Year's ROI
Increase in Purchase Intent
Lower CPM Across
Social vs. Planned
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Renault Sees 301% Lift in Engagement Through Personalized Video Gallery

Higher Video
Click-Through Rate
Seconds Additional Time
Earned Over a 30-Second Pre-Roll
Higher Video
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Davis Elen Builds On Previous CTV-Focused Strategy Success, Expanding Across Devices With InnovidXP

Cost Per Unique Reach
Average Campaign Frequency
Unique Reach Across
Entire Campaign
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Compulse Drives Reach Extension And Performance Impact For National Law Firm

Response Rate
Case Evaluations
Unique Reach
of Streaming Platform
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CMI Media Group Increases Speed-to-Market With Hands-on Keyboard Control

Average Time Spent
Per Campaign End-To-End
Pharma Advertisers
Owning Activation
Team Members
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Haleon Deploys Personalisation Infrastructure For Greater Relevance and Efficiency

Increase in Video CTR
vs. Brand Benchmarks
Better CTR on Youtube
For DCO Video
Compared to Standard
Improved Display CTR Through
Inflight Optimizations
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Publicis Captures Cost Efficiencies For Panera With InnovidXP

Incremental Reach
Unique Reach Efficiency
Cost Per Unique Reach
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