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Advertising Measurement

InnovidXP Picks Up Streaming Steam in Germany & U.K.

InnovidXP is making strides in cross-platform TV measurement for German and U.K. markets, helping advertisers and publishers unify their TV advertising across streaming, linear, and digital.
Company & Culture

Innovid’s NEW Self-Paced Certification is Here

Innovid is now offering clients an opportunity to get certified in using our solutions, at their own pace, through an online learning platform. Get started today!
Omni-Channel Advertising

The Great Unification of Converged TV is Here

The shift to converged TV is having a transformative effect on the buy- and sell-side of advertising. We surveyed 250+ advertisers about it and uncovered some big insights... here!
Company & Culture

Extra Credit: Innovid Earns New MRC Accreditation!

Innovid can officially add 1 more MRC accreditation across 3 environments to our credentials! Here's everything you need to know.

Mechanizing Your Media Ops with DCO: Future-proof for 2023

Learn what DCO is, when advertisers use it, and why there’s an urgency for your brand to adopt it now.
Creative Management

Fueling The Future of Creative with Auto Optimization

Innovid has added some notable additions to our existing Auto Optimization solution. Here are the big updates and what that means for you.

Scary Stories Consumers Tell in the Dark: Personalized Ads That Spook

What happens when personalized ads get too personal? Consumers get spooked — and Tweet about it. Learn how to maximize reach and minimize scare here.
Creative Management

*New* Ad Authoring Tool: Adobe Animate Composer 

Innovid is proud to present our newest addition, Adobe Animate Composer! You can now author dynamic ads that include interactivity and timeline-based animations through a seamless workflow.
Advertising Measurement

AdTech on Deck: Currency vs. Measurement

TV currency isn’t what it used to be (and that’s a good thing). In this month's AdTech on Deck, we demystify the currency vs. measurement confusion, so you can get ahead of industry changes.
CTV Advertising

Add the CPG on CTV Guide to Your Cart

Learn how CPG CTV advertising strategies have adapted through insights gained from analyzing 103+ billion video impressions served on Innovid’s platform.

How a Financial Brand Accelerated Engagement Through a Pivot to DCO

Personalization works. See how this financial brand leveraged Innovid's DCO technology to boost conversions halfway through their campaign.
Ad Serving

AdTech on Deck: Understanding VPAID vs VAST

Choosing the right advertising tags for your video campaign can feel daunting. Get a definitive understanding of VPAID vs. VAST ad tags—and which will work best for your campaigns—here.

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