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Cresce Nel Mondo Pubblicita Video Data-Driven

Ne parliamo nella nostra rassegna, insieme a uno studio di Nielsen sulle misurazioni e ai piani di Facebook nel campo dello streaming di videogiochi.

Data-driven advertising sees impressive growth

Data-driven video (DDV) adoption and engagement are growing: analysis from Innovid has shown there was a 58% increase in advertisers running data-driven video campaigns in 2017.

Ad-Supported TV Streaming has Reached 'an Inflection Point'

And it has Huge Impactions for the TV Business

Innovid’s Annual Global Video Benchmarks Study Reveals Hyper Growth Of Connected TV And Brand Adoption Of Data-driven Video

“Video That Resonates in a Connected World” Highlights Increasing Impact of Data-Driven Video, Connected TV and Effectiveness of Video Marketing KPIs

Data-driven Personalisation And Connected TVs Are The Future Of Video, Suggests Innovid

There was a 58 per cent boost in the number of advertisers running data-driven campaigns, and those campaigns resulted in a 63 per cent lift in engagement over non-DDV impressions.

Study: Hyper-growth of connected TV & data-driven video

Video marketing platform Innovid has released its annual global video benchmarks report, highlighting the growth and impact of data-driven video (DDV) and connected TV (CTV), based on a year-long stud

Study Finds Increase in Data-Driven TV Ad Campaigns

The number of advertisers running data driven TV ad campaigns increased by 58% from a year ago, according to an analysis by Innovid.

Data-Driven Video Ads On The Rise

Data-driven video advertising (DDV) is on the rise, with more marketers seeking out this personalized ad format, according to the annual Global Video Benchmarks Study released by the video marketing p

Connected TV Impressions Skyrocketed Last Year as Data-Driven Video Campaigns Surged

More advertisers are running video campaigns fueled by data, and connected TV impressions continue to surge, according to a new study from online video marketing platform Innovid.

Use Data to Personalise Video Ads for APAC Audiences: Q&A with Innovid

Asia-Pacific is a diverse region with varying audiences, but advertisers can still push video content tailored to serve the different markets by tapping data such as weather, location, and time of day

Time for Brands to Take an Active Role in Creating a Solution for Transparency Issues

Brands demand transparency and safety but are frequently willing to leave the definition of how to meet these requirements to companies that financially benefit from their absence.

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