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Interactive video: A powerful engagement tool for every step of the digital customer journey

How consumers watch video content is changing—from an increase in the number and types of devices and content delivery services, to a shift from live viewing to on-demand consumption.

XUMO, Innovid deliver live Internet ads on LG TVs

Innovid, the video marketing platform, has announced a partnership with XUMO to bring fully addressable, interactive capabilities to Internet-based live TV channels.

Xumo And Innovid Deliver New Live Internet TV Ad Experiences On LG TVs

Partnership Enables New, Uninterrupted Viewing Experiences for Live Internet TV Channels on XUMO and LG Channel Plus powered by XUMO

Xumo, Innovid Partner On Addressable Live Internet TV Ads

Video marketing platform Innovid and Xumo, a streaming TV company, are teaming up to deliver addressable and interactive ads to live internet TV programming.

Innovid partners with mobile ad platforms to upgrade VAST

The initiative, says the video marketing platform, is the first such multiparty effort.

Reaching the Unreachable: Innovid Launches New Solution to Help Brands Engage with ‘Unreachable Consumers’

Innovid, a leading global video marketing platform, announced Monday a new solution and partnerships to help brands reach, measure and engage the elusive ‘mobile first’ audiences.

Innovid Targets "Unreachable" Consumers With New Video Ad Solution

The video marketing platform Innovid this week pulled back the curtain on a video advertising solution that it says will engage so-called “unreachable” consumers...

Innovid Launches New Solution To Help Brands Engage With Unreachable Consumers

Partners with Fyber, InMobi and MoPub to Enhance In-App Mobile Video Measurement, Relevance and Engagement

Why Mobile Video Ads, Already Surging, Could Get A New Boost Next Month

VAST is abundantly available through programmatic exchanges and loads much faster when compared to its counterpart, VPAID, but it's incapable of measuring key metrics like viewability on mobile or...

New Video Platform Aims to Engage 'Unreachable' Consumers

Innovid's new platform offers increased transparency and performance across VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) inventory for in-app mobile, enabling marketers to measure and engage in-app audiences on..

Frequency Capping Is Far From Solved In Connected TV

Although connected TV buyers have become pretty sophisticated at targeting and delivering an ad to individual users, managing frequency across video providers is a work in progress.

CES 2018: Voice Assistants And Addressable TV Garner Incremental Interest

The center of media activity at CES is the C Space in the Aria hotel. Here you will find the private meeting spaces booked by Turner, Spotify, Twitter, Oath, CBS, NBCU and Samsung Ads.

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