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CTV Advertising

[Video & Live Q&A] Innovid & Roku Discuss New Tricks for the Marketing Mix

[Video & Live Q&A] Innovid's Stephanie Geno and Roku's Dan Robbins discuss CTV’s growing impact on omni-channel strategies and where the market is headed.
Creative Management

Forrester Now Tech: Creative Advertising Technologies

Innovid is proud to be included by independent research firm Forrester in their Now Tech: Creative Advertising Technologies, Q2 2020 report.

Consumers Reveal Their Perspective on Sharing Data

Consumers revealed how they feel about sharing their data with brands, but how much are people willing to trade for more relevant ads? Click to find out.

[Video] Marketers Need an Integrated Approach to Omni-Channel Personalization: Here's How

A personalized omni-channel message is needed to meet audiences where they engage. Watch our video to learn how to streamline and simplify your strategy.

Innovid Introduces Dynamic Plug & Play Strategies to Simplify Personalization

The last thing you need is another overly complicated personalization strategy. Not to worry — our Dynamic Plug & Play strategies make things simple.
CTV Advertising

Industry Experts Give Six Facts To Elevate Any TV Measurement Strategy [Audio]

How can one best use a channel that is household-based but has as much targeting and measurement of digital? We look at 6 things advertisers should consider.
Identity Resolution

Too Many Cookies in Google Chrome’s Kitchen (What You Need To Know)

Google announced it will phase out third-party cookies by 2022 and replace it with the “Google Privacy Sandbox.” Here's what advertisers need to know.

Innovid Partners With Pixability to Advance Personalization Optimization on YouTube

Learn how new enhancements from Innovid and Pixability are enabling brands to fully realize the promise of personalization where consumers engage most.

What Consumers Want: Exploring Personalization Trends and Attitudes in 2020

Learn consumer likes, dislikes, and preferences in Innovid's new study entitled 2020 Consumer Attitudes on Personalized Ads.

[Interactive] 12 Questions to Answer Before You Execute An Omni-Channel Personalization Campaign

Before you launch a personalized or dynamic creative ad campaign, answer these 12 essential questions.
CTV Advertising

Super Bowl 2020 Won Millions of Viewers, But Did It Fumble On Innovation?

We asked Innovid CTO Tal Chalozin for his take on Super Bowl 2020, the big tech behind the big game, and what did and didn't work for TV advertisers.
Creative Management

[Video] Without Agility, Personalized Messaging Can't Keep Up with Consumers

Today's marketer needs to manage digital marketing strategies that are always evolving. Watch our video to learn how to achieve personalization at scale.

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