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CTV Measurement

Unify Converged TV Series 2023: Addressable TV Ad Spending Is Poised to Grow in 2023: DISH Media’s Kemal Bokhari

Watch Kemal Bokhari speak at “Establishing Measurement Standards in a Converged TV World,” a Beet.TV Leadership Series produced at CES 2023, presented by Innovid.
CTV Measurement

Unify Converged TV Series 2023: Media Measurement Needs to Diversify Beyond Ad Currencies: Innovid’s Jessica Hogue

Watch Jessica Hogue speak at “Establishing Measurement Standards in a Converged TV World,” a Beet.TV Leadership Series produced at CES 2023, presented by Innovid.
CTV Advertising

Innovid's Dave Helmreich in the C Space Studio

Live from CES 2023: Dave Helmreich, Chief Commercial Officer, Innovid, fills advertisers in on the importance of outcomes metrics, unifying investments across linear, CTV, and digital video
CTV Measurement

Measurement Innovation: Driving ROI with a Unified View of Converged TV

Jessica Hogue, GM of Measurement & Analytics at Innovid, shares the latest measurement innovation making an impact on the industry and how a unified view of converged TV can drive ROI for marketers.
CTV Advertising

​​The Multi-Screen Reality of TV Advertisers

Watch this conversation with advertisers, painting a picture of their multi-screen reality in reaching audiences and closing the measurement gap in the new marketplace.
CTV Measurement

Innovid’s Jessica Hogue on TV’s New Ad Skills

Jessica Hogue, GM, Measurement & Analytics, Innovid, talks about the evolution of TV advertising — and how brands and marketers can harness the changes for success on every platform.
CTV Advertising

Innovid: Reimagine TV Advertising

Imagine an advertising partner whose every move is designed to help you drive reach, increase engagement, and add value to your cross-platform media investments – all from one platform.
CTV Measurement

Defining Success for Converged TV Campaigns

Explore how creative, media and measurement create the winning trifecta for connecting with consumers in a meaningful and valuable way.
CTV Measurement

Effectiveness has leveled up – this is why your media is working harder than ever

Effectiveness has turned a corner, and for some buyers, media is working harder than ever. So how can you take advantage and level up your effectiveness?
CTV Measurement

Adweek Convergent Summit West: Unified Measurement and the Metrics that Matter

Join Omnicom’s Kelly Metz and Innovid’s Jessica Hogue for an in-depth discussion on the importance of consistent, cross-platform analytics that surface the insights needed to make strategic decisions
CTV Advertising

The Future of Creativity

Can you sum up the future of creativity in one word? We asked industry leaders to describe the future of creativity… in one word. Check it out to get inspired!
CTV Advertising

Creativity IRL

What do the experts find most inspiring about the advertising world of today? Everything from creativity to purpose-led growth and sustainability efforts, here. Fight FOMO—and watch now.

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